tan MUN


17-18 January 2018

Dear Delegates,

As the Secretary-General of TANMUN'18, I would like to give you an intimate welcome on behalf of academic and organization team members.

Since the very beginning of TANMUN'18, our team, as we have stated before, has been striving and working relentlessly to attain the enumerated goals that we want to accomplish, and to provide you the best experience which you could ever get in your lifetime. Our motivation is aimed at increasing awareness regarding the staggering course of events that constitute, to such an extent, an overarching significance and overriding imperative. Furthermore, we have a team that wants you to stand out for the global issues that have occurred, and to bolster you to commence discussions upon them.

In the contemporary world, there are course of events that change unprecedentedly, even sometimes deteriorates and ameliorates, day by day. Moreover, some of them are the issues that have draconian impacts on our world. Radical extremism, human rights violations, regional destabilization and so on. Those are the issues that need to be tackled and underscored therefore we have concurred on these important titles to set them as our agenda items.

We will be having four different comittees this year; consisting of DISEC, SOCHUM, UNWOMEN, and UNHCR. We thought that these committees would be the committees that would allow you to exchange opinions, discuss and express yourselves regarding the issues which we have stated.

Once again, we are truly looking forward to welcoming you to TANMUN'18, a conference where you can constitute a framework to tackle the disputed issues, and to collaborate with each other to find feasible solutions. I would like to conclude this letter by quoting from Bill Clinton, the former president of United States of America: “We all do better when we work together. Our differences do matter, but our common humanity matters more.”

Yours sincerely,

Selçuk Tunalı